We see beautiful images of well designed, inspiring wardrobes in print and on social media. I have no doubt many of you like myself have said on occasion, “If only I had a bigger wardrobe”. In my work as a Style coach I have met many individuals who struggle with their wardrobe organisation.

Common themes are evident, “I don’t have enough space” “I have nothing to wear’” “I can’t coordinate items/outfits” “I’m not sure what suits me” “many items are old and out of date” “I don’t have enough good quality items” etc. Have you heard yourself utter these words?

January is a great time to do a full revamp of your wardrobe. Forget all the procrastinating, “I’ll do it when I loose a few pounds”, or “Ill buy a new wardrobe when I save some money”. These are actually excuses for not doing it.

There are so many positive aspects to having a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle. More organisation means less frustration. How good would that feel on a daily basis as you prepare for your day ahead regardless of whether your leaving the home or not.

A wardrobe edit takes approximately three hours under the guidance of a Style Coach (this may vary if one has an excessive amount of clothing or numerous wardrobes). During the editing/de-cluttering process you will learn valuable information and gain lots of new skills. You will be informed of your body shape, style personality, colours that enhance and the art of combining outfits to suit your lifestyle, colouring and shape. Storage solutions, organisation and wardrobe maintenance tips, are shared all while gaining a new love and admiration for the items you already have. The whole process helps you to achieve structure and organisation that will remain valuable to you for years to come.

Top tips:

Only keep items that you love and need

Remove items that no longer fit- and either store elsewhere or get rid of completely

Remove any items that require attention ie laundering, alteration or repairing

Observe for obvious habits- repeatedly buying similar items-eg. 5 black trousers

It’s good practice to declutter twice yearly, remove out of season clothing (to storage/attic) to maximise space.

Ensure good quality hangers to help maintain the shape of your items, and to enhance  aesthetics.

Fold items that are better suited to folding ie. sweaters/cashmere etc

Hang items according to garments, colour or full outfits depending on your organisational preferences.

If you would like to arrange a wardrobe decluttering/edit for yourself or someone else, please  email me at  info@berniedelaneystyling.ie or call 087 9499366.

Happy new year