Animal print has always featured to some degree in Autumn Winter. For the past few years it has been gaining popularity, and as a result one can now purchase a huge selection of fashion pieces and household items. The print varies extensively from snake, leopard, poodle, zebra and many more.

My top tip is not to over do it. I appreciate it is a personal choice, however it can begin to look a bit tacky if you are clothed from head to toe in animal print. I would suggest if wearing an accessory in animal print, just use the one, eg shoes, a bag or a belt not two or three. Likewise if you are wearing a garment in animal print only wear the one piece.

There are so many variations on the print available in stores, this makes it really easy to add a base colour as there are so many to choose from. Ideally choose a colour that is visible in the printed garment or accessory to help to overall look appear more styled.

Another tip is wear a complimentary print close to your face and hair. Rusts, browns and beiges may not suit every hair colour. Likewise the grey and black tones may not suit everyone. Why not have your colour analysis completed to ascertain which shades compliment you most?

I would never have considered myself as someone who had a love of animal print. I was removing my summer clothing from my wardrobe over the weekend and as I filled up my wardrobe with my Winter garments I was very surprised to see how many items I have. As you will see from the pictures below, I have a selection of clothing items and accessories, with various forms of animal print. Thankfully its bang on trend again for the Autumn Winter season. Enjoy experimenting with your pieces.