Colours to brighten your day

Have you been experiencing the January blues? It really can be a difficult time to get motivated and stay on track with new year resolutions. As were over half way through the month your possibly congratulating yourself for sticking to a diet, or a detox after the festive season, or even managed to make good use [...]

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Reducing stress by planning ahead.

How organised do you think you are? As a new week approaches its important that we take action to reduce stress levels and help us get through the week smoothly. As the saying goes “ fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. I do hope your not setting yourself up for failure, and by that I mean [...]

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A wardrobe that works for you.

We see beautiful images of well designed, inspiring wardrobes in print and on social media. I have no doubt many of you like myself have said on occasion, “If only I had a bigger wardrobe”. In my work as a Style coach I have met many individuals who struggle with their wardrobe organisation. Common themes are [...]

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Setting realistic goals for 2020

It's that time of year again, when we can reflect on the year thats almost through and begin to plan for the year ahead. Many new goals are traditionally set at the beginning of each year. For some that may be an opportunity to recommence the same goals that didn't transpire last year, for others its [...]

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All that sparkles is…….. not necessarily Gold

I appreciate that Christmas is less than two weeks away. I expect those of you attending parties over the festive season have already made your choices on what to wear. Perhaps you have a New year party that you haven't given much thought to yet. Here are a few tips on selecting a trousers with glitter, [...]

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Mind matters, finding inner peace (5)Finding inspiration

The fast pace of life can be overwhelming at times. It's important that we take the time to focus on what it is that we desire in our lives.  How many of us put our dreams aside for the sake of children, careers, partners, and life in general ? This week I encourage you to bring [...]

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Party wear: The Jump suit

My next few blogs will feature some options for the party season that is fast approaching.. Work parties, luncheons, evenings out, and family gatherings etc usually cause a little bit of stress, and often probes the question "what will I wear? Not everybody fancies getting dressed up in sparkle and glitz. There are endless choices available [...]

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Mind matters, Finding inner peace(4) Life’s’ challenges that present as obstacles

Most of us have experienced challenges throughout our lives. That's just a fact of life. I appreciate some have had more than their share. I like to reflect on those challenges/obstacles from time to time. In doing so I can identify the learning that was present for me. Needless to say when one obstacle appears directly [...]

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