Have you been experiencing the January blues? It really can be a difficult time to get motivated and stay on track with new year resolutions. As were over half way through the month your possibly congratulating yourself for sticking to a diet, or a detox after the festive season, or even managed to make good use of your newly acquired gym membership! On the flip side it can be a time when you struggle most and those negative voices in your head can berate you for not sticking to your routine. We need to remind ourselves that we are human and its perfectly okay to slip every now and then, we can only do our best. Thankfully, we have brighter, longer and more colourful days to look forward to.

I believe colour can have a huge impact on our thoughts and our wellbeing. Winter fashions by their nature can tend to be a bit dark and gloomy. If you’ve been trolling through the shops in the last couple of weeks its possible they lacked inspiration. We get tired of looking at the same colours. Today the sun is shinning beautifully and I see blue skies and a pale yellow glow reflecting off the sea outside my back door. Instantly this excites me for the the arrival of Spring. I don’t want to be wishing my life away, God knows it passes very quickly, but I do like this time of year when all things new and bright are obvious around us.

Today I want to share with you some of the beautiful vibrant colours that we have to look forward to in the shops in the Spring Summer collections from¬† designers, in the major fashion houses. Pantone have identified 16 key colours that will take centre stage in shops and boutiques. I must admit I’m very excited about lots of them. It’s fantastic that there’s a great mix of colours from both the cool and warm palettes, so something for everyone.

1.Scarlet red, 2.Saffron yellow, 3.Classic blue, 4.Biscay green, 5.Chive, 6.Faded denim, 7.Orange peel, 8.Mosaic blue, 9.Sunlight, 10.Coral pink, 11.Cinnamon stick, 12.Grape compote, 13.Lark, 14.Navy blazer, 15.Brilliant white, and 16.Ash.


I appreciate that these names may not mean much to some of you, so Ive included Pantone’s little sample squares as i’m a visual person and I like to see the actual colour in front of me.

My next blog will feature some of the Spring Summer fashion trends.

If you would like to know which colours suit you best, why not get in touch and make an appointment for a colour consultation. A colour consultation will give you all the information you need to help you choose your best colours, that enhance all you features.

Have a great week.