Be calm and notice the view

Life is so busy for all of us, we do need to stop, take a breath and appreciate our surroundings. There have been times in the past that I didn’t notice whether the tide was in or out before I left home in the morning, regardless of the fact that it touches my garden. In this picture taken yesterday you can see it oozes calmness and tranquility. The water is like a reflective sheet of glass. The empty seat is inviting and the blue sky is a tonic. The lush green grass reminds me of life and growth. The little island is surrounded by wild ducks happy and content.

During this week of beautiful weather I spent as much time as possible sitting watching the ebb and flow of life on and around the water. No two sittings are the same. My wonderful friend Donna introduced me to meditation with Oprah and Deepak about two years ago. It may not be for everyone but it certainly helps to shift the mindset from the busy rat race that can often be daily life, to a place of peace, calm and tranquility.

In one of these 21 day meditation experiences, Deepak encourages us to look intently at our surroundings and try to notice five different things as you sit in silence.It may be while looking at a photograph, a plant, a space in your house or out through a window. Its amazing how many things we become oblivious to, yet we look at them each day without actually seeing. Are you looking and not seeing? or perhaps  you’ve become oblivious or complacent to the beauty that surrounds you.

As a style coach/personal stylist I encourage all my clients to find that peace and quiet that allows the mind to expand and open up to what already exists.Today I would urge you to take 10-30 minutes of quiet me time in a place where you can be calm and breath deeply. Notice what you haven’t been noticing. Nature is free and on our doorsteps, breath it in and breath out the stresses.

Have a wonderful weekend X