Finding inner peace and contentment is a challenge for all of us. Its difficult to find our true path through life due to all of life’s pressures and obstacles. For this reason many just sail through life ‘existing’ rather than experiencing inner joy and peace.

Unfortunately this can lead to a feeling of failure, resentment and internal conflict, and often leaves one wondering if there isn’t possibly more to life.

Over the next few weeks I will share with you some tips/steps on how to achieve more satisfaction in your own life.  A life where your not driven with desire to have worldly possessions and wealth, but rather an inner peace and contentment with or without any possessions.

In order to be successful we need to have an open mind to all the possibilities that exist for us. We have so many pre-conceived ideas and opinions due to our culture, religion, parental influence, our education etc. So many people throughout our lives influencing our minds to their way of thinking and being. With a shift in our mind set to ‘openness’ we can start to experience new things. We must omit pessimistic thoughts.

I have read numerous self help books all of them claim we become what we believe. If one believes they will never earn more money, own their own house, never be fit etc, then thats likely how things will remain for them. On the other hand if one believes in the possibility of a more rewarding, better paying job, living in their dream home, running a marathon etc then the possibilities are endless. Until you change your thinking, you will always recycle your experiences.

For this week what I ask of you, is that you will approach each day and each situation with an open mind. Instead of saying things like “this always happens to me” say I have no idea how this is going to go, but Im open to all possibilities and outcomes. Look at life in awe, there are miracles happening around us every day. In order for miracles to happen those people had to remain positive, hopeful and open minded . You will be amazed at what you might attract into your life, whether its better health, relationships, job satisfaction or happiness in any form.