The fast pace of life can be overwhelming at times. It’s important that we take the time to focus on what it is that we desire in our lives.  How many of us put our dreams aside for the sake of children, careers, partners, and life in general ?

This week I encourage you to bring your focus to all the things that inspire you. If you haven’t been inspired for some time now is your time to get inspired. Whatever it is you envisage for yourself, regardless of how impossible you may perceive it to be, I suggest you to start acting as if it’s already your reality.

Whether we believe in the laws of attraction or not, we have an innate power in our minds that often lies dormant. We need to activate the creative forces in our lives. Dr Wayne Dyer has a lovely way of describing ‘inspiration’  and its relationship to being in our spirit world’. In our present form of being we receive in-form(ation) from the world around us. When we move inside our heads to a spiritual place (not religious it’s important not to confuse the two) we then receive  in-spir(ation). It is in this place we can create and access whatever it is we would like to have in our lives.

Being inspired is a little like being in a meditative state, except in inspiration we fill our minds with all of the wonderful things we desire in our lives. The mind cannot tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. This is how we trick our minds into believing things already exist. If we use as many of our senses as possible the visualisation becomes even more vivid. For example if you’d like to become a gardener begin to picture yourself doing the work of a gardener, seeing the beauty you create, smelling the fabulous scents of the flowers, possibly tasting fresh produce, noting the textures of different foliage, and hearing the sounds of crunching leaves under your feet as you walk through a mature garden in the Autumn. If we can assimilate what it is we seek using all five senses then the mind becomes very powerful in creating such desires.

This type of inspiration take practice and commitment. We cannot expect results overnight. We must create the time and space in our lives for our minds to become inspired. Find inspiration all around you, embrace it, live it. Be the person you were born to be without jeopardising any of the other important things or people in your lives.

These dark long evenings give us the perfect opportunity to use this time productively and create the lives we desire and deserve, Because we’re worth it.