I am thrilled with my new branding and delighted to re-launch my styling business following  12 years in practice as a Style coach™/personal stylist. The past 10 years have been challenging on a personal level, and I acknowledge I am no different to many of you reading this. During these 10 years I’ve been raising two wonderful children (one now an adult, and the other a teenager), been through a divorce and kept two careers going.

I believe that life’s challenges help make us who we are. Sometimes that can have a negative impact on an individual such as diminishing our confidence and reducing our self esteem. However, it can also make us stronger, more resilient, more resourceful and thankfully more grateful and empathetic.  I have experienced all of the above at various stages of my life. As a result I now see life through an altered lens, thankfully there’s a lot more colour and excitement in the current one, and I am delighted to be in a position to share that with you.

I have often heard it said ‘people don’t change’, I certainly don’t agree with that statement. We all have the power to change many things about ourselves. We are constantly evolving and learning through our own experiences and also from others. I believe change occurs naturally as a result. The most important thing is that we use that change for the better. I can help you set goals and make the desired changes in your life that will help you live the life you deserve, a happy fulfilled one.

Throughout my experiences I have remained true to the philosophies of the Style Coaching™ Institute. In order to flourish as a person, the inside and outside must be synchronised: this is true authenticity. Sometimes life just temporarily disconnects that, and as a result can leave us a little overwhelmed. People may offer help, some of us avail of it, and others don’t. I am a proud person (and a tad stubborn at times!) so needless to say I often opted to go it alone. I now realise, having eventually accepted and welcomed help from some fantastic people around me, that I needed help more than I thought.

I believe we all have the potential to be a better version of ourselves, if we are given the tools and opportunities to do so. This has always been my business mantra. I’ve always been passionate about helping others to reach their potential. This has not changed, regardless of the obstacles that have presented over the years. My drive and energy have not abated. Prioritising has always been a key skill of mine, and it has kept me grounded and true to everything that I believe in, particularly when it comes to family.

Flourishing with renewed energy, my goal is now to share my expertise with you. So why not get in touch and together we can set goals, priorities and get you on the road to reaching your full potential and living the life you choose to live. There are many areas I can assist you with,  as a stylist and a coach. Appearance is one of my favourite places to start. Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.

I have a natural ability to find practical solutions for many of the fashion and styling dilemmas you will have encountered over the years. I attribute this talent to growing up in a family with 10 siblings, where you frequently had to alter/adjust clothing to suit, due to the item being a ‘hand me down’. We are all very fortunate today that fashion has become very affordable and accessible for the majority, but I also believe that we need to be conscious of our environment and the sustainability of clothing. I believe in buying versatile pieces that stand the test of time, and minimising cost per wear. Of course I am equally guilty of rewarding myself with the occasional style splurge, and know all too well of the joy experienced on a spending spree. I love all things fashion related, and I have a desire to help you enjoy your personal style in a similar way.

I am delighted to have a beautifully designed and illustrated new logo, thanks to the very talented Eva Byrne (www.frillustration.com). I have a fresh new modern website designed and created by Marie Brouder (www.broudermarketing.ie)

The look is further enhanced by the very complimentary photographs taken by the expert eyes of photographer Kathy Burke at her studio (kathyburkephotography.ie). I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each of these three professional ladies and I’ve no doubt you’ll agree their work looks amazing.

I hope to use this blog as a platform to share styling tips, motivational quotes, fashion updates and as a general space for sharing my life’s journey with you. We don’t have all the answers and we certainly haven’t experienced everything. Let’s look forward to what’s ahead and be grateful for being here today.