Your Style

We will help you discover your unique style that compliments your body shape, your colouring, your personality and most of all your lifestyle. Each of the services can be stand alone consultations or we can combine them into a customised plan for you. We offer this service at your home or a location of your choice.

Personal Shopping

You will learn how to save time and money by shopping with effectiveness and efficiency – no more expensive mistakes or a wardrobe full of guilt! Learning how to recognise styles which will enhance your shape – regardless of your age, height or dress size, is a key feature of the styling process.  A personal shopping trip  will  take approximately three hours, and we will ensure its a fun experience. Whether you require help searching for an outfit for that special occasion or perhaps a wardrobe revamp, we are here to help. It is also perfectly acceptable to go on a shopping trip and not purchase an item. You will, however, always receive the many benefits of having a professional Stylist/Style Coach™ with you. These include, body shape analysis, styling tips, underwear, educating the eye, colours that enhance, putting a look together and many more. The shopping trip will be tailored to your needs and budget.


Wardrobe Analysis

The overall aim of this session is to leave you with a wardrobe that is free from clutter and only contains clothes that fit, flatter and make you feel fabulous every day. Key items will be identified, outfits will be co-ordinated (capsules) and a shopping list will be compiled. The finishing touches, will ensure that you have a frustration-free, colourful and exciting wardrobe that is be personalised for you. Wouldn’t you like to open the doors to a selection of outfits and accessories which help you to look and feel your best, no matter what the day holds in store? You will also learn about your body shape, your style personality and your wow colours. The session can last anything between 2 and 4 hours depending on the amount of clothing/wardrobes you have.

Colour Analysis

The aim of this session is to discover what colours enhance your eye colouring, your complexion and your hair colouring, these are known as your ‘wow’ colours. This session can be carried out independently or in conjunction with either the wardrobe de-cluttering/analysis session or the personal shopping trip. If you choose to have a colour consultation session independently of the other sessions, We will use in excess of 50 colour pashminas to decipher your personalised colour palette. We will give you a record of these colours to take with you for future reference, This maybe in the form of a link to store on your smart phone or on a laminated card, which ever is your preference.

“The best colour in the whole world is the colour

that looks good on you”

– Coco Chanel