How organised do you think you are? As a new week approaches its important that we take action to reduce stress levels and help us get through the week smoothly. As the saying goes “ fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. I do hope your not setting yourself up for failure, and by that I mean increased stress which can emanate throughout all areas of your life, family, career, relationships, down time, activities/hobbies etc

A little forward planning can be a life saver . There will always be the possibility of the unexpected occurrences that everyday life throws at us, however if the main areas are running smoothly then we can deal with the unexpected much more effectively and with minimal negative impact.

These are my top tips for planning a week that ensures stress is kept to a minimum:

Check your schedule so you are focused on whats ahead- ( I suggest using the planner on your smart phone or downloading a Calendar App).

If you have small children or teenagers ensure you know what their schedule involves, we all know how a last minute announcement can cause unnecessary mayhem.

Plan you outfits for each day- leave prepared and hanging in order in your wardrobe ( check out the weeks forecast ahead, as this reduces the need for last minute changes!)

If you have a significant other sharing the drop offs and collections, agree on who’s doing what- this saves any confusion.

Delegate whenever possible- you’ll be amazed at how much can be completed by someone other than you, You don’t have to be a martyr.

Plan the weekly meals- where possible cook in large batches and either refrigerate or freeze until required.

Try to tidy as you go, and encourage the children to get into the habit of doing the same. Don’t stress over housework- you can catch up at the weekend.

Sometimes writing a list helps, some people like  ticking the boxes for tasks accomplished.

Factor in some down time each day- even if its only 10 mins, Ideally with a bit of meditation- preferably done first thing in the morning.

Try to get some fresh air and exercise, it helps clear the head and allows time to reflect.

Prioritise tasks, if something doesn’t need to be done this week, then it can wait.

Reflect on your week towards the end and acknowledge your efforts, if changes are required then factor them into next weeks plan when the cycle starts all over again.

You have to live, Love and Laugh every day,

Have a great week.