It’s that time of year again, when we can reflect on the year thats almost through and begin to plan for the year ahead. Many new goals are traditionally set at the beginning of each year. For some that may be an opportunity to recommence the same goals that didn’t transpire last year, for others its an opportunity to set new ones. In todays blog Id like to share some tips on goal setting that might help you to stay on track while getting closer to your goals.

Before you get started on setting the goals, It can be very useful to categorise your goals according to the different areas of your life. Career, relationships, education, self development, physical development and travel are some of the possible options. It also helps to prioritise each category into the level of importance it holds for you.

Tip 1: Visualise how your goal would look and feel when achieved. This helps strengthen your motivation. Ask yourself these questions, what would achieving this goal mean to me? What impact will achieving this goal have on my life in its current form? Can I commit to achieving this Goal? What are the implications of not achieving this goal?  How will the journey to reaching this goal impact on the rest of my life and the people in it? These questions help confirm whether a goal is  worth pursuing or not.

Tip 2: Set  SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time limited. One can have an overall goal in each area, however its important to break the overall goal into smaller chunks or mini goals, as measuring progress will be vital. Setting a target for for the end of the year is not very practical on a day to day basis, as one can keeping kicking the start date down the road. In contrast if you set a goal for 8-12 weeks it motivates you to get started immediately.

Tip 3:Record all progress in a diary or journal.  Acknowledge your efforts and achievements along the journey as this helps make the route enjoyable.

Tip 4: Review regularly. Record breakthroughs and different tactics that have either worked or not. Sometimes the goals or the means of reaching your goals have to be modified. These modifications all help to strengthen your success and arrival at your required destination.

Tip 5: Plan your strategy well.Theres is absolutely no point in setting a goal to make it to the gym every evening if you have no one to look after your children or indeed if theres no gym near where you live. We must remain practical at all times, otherwise we create opportunities to make excuses.

Tip 6:If sharing a common goal with a friend, work colleague, partner or spouse, perhaps buddy up for some classes, sessions, training etc. This can help keep you motivated and may also make you a little competitive which may help minimise the boredom.

Tip 7:Your journey to reaching your goals must have an element of fun. This is essential to ensure persistence with any new activity. Choose your activities wisely, otherwise opting out becomes easy. Naturally achieving the end result is a reward in itself, however that may not be accomplished for a number of months or potentially a year, therefore the journey to your goal must be enjoyable.

Tip 8: Try to maintain balance in your life. Becoming obsessive about reaching your goal can wear you down and cause burn out. Slow and steady is more realistic, and increases the possibility of creating a permanent change in behaviour, lifestyle, attitude and resilience.

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, filled with  love, happiness and success.