The market has become a very confusing place for those who are slaves to fashion. Apart from the confusion in relation to fashion trends, there is also the issue of price point and value for your money. My advice to those of you who are at an age where constantly wearing items that are the height of fashion is your thing, keep the cost per item to a minimum.

Most of us over a certain age -thirty plus, are usually more confident in our style choices and fashion buys to know that fashions come and go very quickly. In those instances they are not worth the big spend.  On trend fashions are sometimes known as disposable clothing. While I am conscious that we live in a world where eco clothing should be factored in, I believe that this will prove very difficult in relations to catwalk trends that only last 6-9 months.

When personal shopping with clients, or completing wardrobe analysis I always urge my clients to spend a reasonable amount on key items rather than high fashion pieces or this seasons must have items. The items that will see you through a couple of seasons/ years are the items you need to spend on proportionately. My calculation process ‘cost per wear’ is essential when making choices of how much to spend.

Fashion has become very affordable, however this can lead to an overloaded wardrobe very quickly. This further confuses the situation as there may be too much choice with very little mix and match options. To ensure you get the best value out of your wardrobe and to guarantee it works for you and your lifestyle why not book a session with  me as your personal stylist.

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