The Autumn /Winter season is fast approaching , we all become very aware of dipping temperatures. I encourage up cycling  clothes and getting as much wear as possible out of them throughout the seasons as appropriate.

Having said that, there are a few fashion ‘faux pas’ that I believe cost you a stylish look.This time of year we start to re-introduce hosiery/tights to help combat the cold on our legs.

The following are some of my tips:

If wearing a print dress with a white or pale background opt for nude tights rather than black. Ideally one should wear prints on darker colours during the colder months

Avoid open toes with tights during the Winter (unless of course your wearing the sandal toe tights for a particular function!)

Avoid heavy stiff leather long boots with flimsy dresses. A suede/or fabric boot can look more stylish.

Avoid heavy chunky boots, with light weight dresses, a light weight Chelsea ankle boot would be more suitable.

Layer warmer long sleeves under the dress for added warmth, or cardigans/sweaters on top.

Of course these choices are also dependant on your style personality. Would you like to know what your style personality is? Discovering your style personality helps to minimise fashion ‘faux pas’ and helps you present a more styled look. Why not get in touch for your style personality test?