The perfect Camel Coat, A wardrobe staple

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions about what items I would recommend for a Capsule Winter wardrobe. In my opinion the ‘Camel Coat’ is one of those must have pieces. Particularly so due to its versatility. The Camel Coat can be found in various shades from a very pale nude to a dark coffee.  The Camel coat oozes style and sophistication. There are various styles to choose from in boutiques and on-line, which will ensure that there’s one to suit every style, shape and budget. While trends vary year on year, there’s always a version of the camel coat available.

If you are unsure about which one to choose from the large selection available, then consider the following!

Shade- warm or cool tone?

Style- Double/single breasted, belted/buttoned or zip fastening?

Length- Above or below knee?

Fabric- Wool, wool blend or polyester

Price- Cost per wear

Tips: Choose the length according to your height, above knee if your below 5’6”, if taller you can choose above or below knee length. The tone/shade should be chosen according to your colour palette(Warm or Cool). The overall style should be dictated by your shape, and the fabric according to your preferred method of laundering (check labels for instructions -machine washable or dry clean only). The spend should be based on how much you can afford and how much you will wear it. If the coat is a classic cut, then it is likely to last you for a number of years.

Coats featured in image above are from the following:

1.Longline camel coat @ Next (Emma Willis collection)

2.Tan London formal coat @ Oasis. 

3. The belted camel coat @Lipsy

4. Single breasted camel coat @Simply be