Pistachio green features very heavily this Autumn Winter. The major fashion runways had evidence of green in lots of clothing and accessories. Green has always been synonymous with Ireland, and many of you will be aware that rivers, buildings, towers, bridges etc are illuminated or dyed to mark St Patricks day (Ireland’s patron saint) throughout the world.

Green can convey many messages. Nature and the eco-friendly movement are symbolised by green. Green is a sign of spring and rebirth. On the flipside the extremes of green can often be associated with envy and jealousy. Green may also symbolize intelligence, fertility, youth, wealth and good luck. In china green is often associated with disgrace, and in North Africa corruption.

On the colour wheel, variations of green extend from the cool blue greens right through to the warm yellow greens, As a result some shade of green is likely to be found to suit any colour palette. The important thing to decipher, is whether or not you suit the warm or cool tones. Pistachio tends to be a more neutral shade of green and can look really well with shades of pinks, reds and purples.

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