Shocking pink is the third colour of the five most showcased at all the major fashion shows for the Autumn Winter 2019. Shocking pink in all its glory was strutted up and down the catwalks from New York to Milan, Paris to London by many of the big names in the fashion industry.

Pink has always been regarded as a feminine colour, possibly due to the fact that girls toys  and clothing around the world, have been portrayed in pink, Barbie, My little pony etc. Most of us can relate to that. For this reason pink is denoted as the colour of love, caring, nurturing, and calmness, many of these being regarded as feminine characteristics. Pink can also be associated with creativity and happiness.

What is your association to pink? Colour psychologists have many theories on what the colour pink symbolises to the rest of the world. However it is important to note that our associations to any colour are very much based on our emotional state at the time of our exposure to that colour.

There are many different shades of pink in today’s marketplace. It’s understandable that different shades of pink may evoke different moods. Hot pink is often associated with vivaciousness, confidence and sexuality. On the opposite end of the pink spectrum a light baby pink can convey gentleness and innocence. Your own individual response can also be influenced by a range of personal and cultural factors.

Regardless of your thoughts on what pink conveys, you can inject a little vibrancy into any outfit by adding some pink. You can keep it subtle and toned down, or go as vibrant and electric as you feel in the mood for. You can add as much or as little as you want. Accessories are a great way to introduce the seasons colours , and compliment your existing wardrobe. If you really want to make a statement and your style personality oozes drama or creativity why not go for a shocking pink coat or jacket.

Whatever you wear wear it with confidence. If you would like to have your colour analysis completed by an colour expert why not make contact with me for an appointment.Wearing the correct colours for you ,can have a hugely positive impact on your wardrobe and ultimately on your confidence.